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Research in Biology Education and Training

RIBET is a research group within the Biological Sciences dedicated to student learning, both in higher education and at the school and public/community levels. Along with other educational research groups in the Faculty of Science, RIBET is a member of the Institute for Innovations in Science Education and Mathematics which is a joint venture between the Faculties of Science and Education & Social Work.


The rationale for RIBET is embedded in the discipline of biology and the life sciences. It has a strong pedagogical base built on the extensive experience in science and education of the members of the group, especially in areas of innovation and good practice.

Biology is currently undergoing a rapid expansion and accompanying the theoretical and technological developments are the new interactions with, and impacts on, society in general, as well as research into new teaching and learning methods. As educators we need to develop and evaluate new and creative ways of communicating biology such that future generations of biologists demonstrate critical and creative thinking skills in partnership with a rigorous approach to research and development in the discipline. This is made more critical because of the rapidly expanding nature of our discipline.

Our mission is to: investigate the efficacy of biology teaching and learning environments; inform curriculum development; and, enable our students to participate in critical discussions about biology (e.g. diversity, ecology, climate change, carbon credits, stem cell research, cancer therapies, ethical practice, etc).

RIBET aims to

  • Focus on both science education research and teaching developments in biology
  • Develop research linkages with biology teaching staff within other institutions of higher education both nationally and internationally.
  • Disseminate the outcomes of all activities to a broad audience at local, national and international levels
  • Use our expertise in research and development to provide advice and consultation at local, national and international levels