Shine Lab

Rick Shine - Invited and Keynote Speeches

1988 Invited speaker, Dahlem Conference on Organismal Function, Berlin, Germany
1993 Plenary Lecturer in Ecology at the Second World Congress of Herpetology, Adelaide
1996 Plenary speaker, Sixth International Behavioural Ecology Congress, Canberra
1999 Invited speaker, symposium on Alternative Reproductive Strategies, Hayama, Japan
2004 Inaugural "invited international speaker", California State University Northridge
2004 Keynote speaker, Snake Ecology IV meeting, Illinois, USA
2005 Plenary speaker, combined meeting of the Australian Society of Herpetologists and the Society for Research on Amphibians and Reptiles in New Zealand
2005 Keynote speaker, python symposium, US reptile-biology meetings, Florida, USA
2006 Plenary speaker, Australian Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour, Sydney
2007 Public lecture on evolution in Australia, Australian Academy of Science, Canberra
2007 Keynote speaker, Western Australian Premier's Science Awards
2007 Keynote speaker, Australian Wildlife Management Society, Canberra
2008 Plenary speaker, Australian Ecological Society, Sydney
2009 Keynote speaker, "Evolution-The Experience" conference, Melbourne
2009 Inaugural lecturer in annual Evolution lecture series, Macquarie University, Sydney
2009 Plenary Speaker, Garvan Institute of Medical Research Symposium, Sydney
2009 Keynote speaker, Australian Research Council grants announcement ceremony
2010 Keynote address e-conference on evolution and biodiversity (European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy)
2010 Keynote speaker, National Parks Association of the ACT Parks 50th Anniversary meeting
2010 Keynote speaker, Chinese Herpetological Society, Guilin, China
2010 Keynote speaker, Wu Chien-Shiung Science Camp, Sitou, Taiwan
2010 Crosbie Morrison annual lecture, Museums Victoria
2012 BrisScience public lecture, University of Queensland
2012 Allan Keast Visitor, Queen’s Biological Station, Canada
2012 Keynote speaker, Fifth Asian Herpetological Conference, Chengdu, China
2012 Keynote speaker, Invasive Species Symposium, World Congress of Herpetology, Vancouver, Canada
2013 Keynote speaker, European Herpetological Conference, Hungary
2015 Public lecture, Behaviour 2015 (joint international meeting, Cairns)
2015 Sixth Lund Biology Seminar, Lund, Sweden