Joint Research Partners

Dr. M. Abensberg-Traun. University of Vienna, Austria. Review of the prevalence of myrmecophagy in Australian desert vertebrates.

Prof. S.D. Bradshaw. University of Western Australia, Australia. Ecophysiology of desert vertebrates.

Assoc. Prof. X. Chen. Ziamen University, China. Diets of desert dasyurids.

Dr. C.P. Doncaster. University of Southampton , England. Biogeography of vertebrates in patchy environments.

Dr. E.J. Dorfman. Department of Conservation, New Zealand. Ecology of Waterbirds.

Dr. F. D. Duncan. University of Witswatersand, South Africa. Ecophysiology of desert beetles.

Prof. T.F. Flannery. South Australian Museum, Australia. Carnivore diversity in Australian deserts.

Dr. G.N. Harrington. CSIRO, Australia. Small mammal conservation in north Queensland rainforests.

Prof. V. Hayssen. Cornell University, USA. The effect of photperiod in triggering seasonal reproduction in dasyurid marsupials.

Dr. J.R. Henschel. Desert Ecological Research Foundation of Namibia, Namibia. Desert spiders and other invertebrates

Dr. C. Huang. University of Kentucky, USA. Feeding studies.

Prof. E. Korpimaki. University of Turku, Finland. Vertebrate predator-prey interactions.

Assoc. Prof. B.P. Kotler. Ben-Burion University of Negev, Israel. Habitat partitioning in desert rodents.

Dr. B.M. McAllan. University of New England, Australia. Evolution on Australian populations of the house mouse.

Dr. B.R. Murray. University of Technology, Australia. Habitat use and predation risk in desert rodents.

Dr. A.E. Newsome. CSIRO, Australia. Predator-prey relationships in mammals.

Dr. M.J. O’Farrell. University of Nevada, USA. Novel census methods in desert small mammals.

Dr. R.P. Pech. CSIRO, Australia. Predator-prey relationships in mammals.

Dr. R.L. Pressey. NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Australia. Desert oases.

Prof. E.M. Vieira. Univerisade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos, Brazil. Intercontinental masurpial faunas.

Dr. M.K. Seely. Desert Ecological Foundation of Namibia, Namibia. Desert spiders and other invertebrates.

Dr. G.T. Smith. CSIRO, Australia. Biogeography of wheatbelt vertebrates.

Dr. G. M. Wardle. University of Sydney, Australia. Boom and Bust: the role of fire and rain in driving the dynamics of seeds and rodents in arid Australia

Prof. P.C. Withers. University of Western Australia, Australia. Ecophysiology of desert vertebrates.

Honorary Associates

Ms. S. Bassett. Massey University, New Zealand.
Dr. J. Caldecott. UK biological consultant, United Kingdom
Dr. A.J. Lynam. Wildlife Conservation Society, New York, USA.
Mr. M. Nyberg. University of Gothenburg,
Dr. G.H. Pyke. Australian Museum, Australia.
Dr. D.P. Woodside. Conservation International.

Visiting Academics

< 6 months

Dr. H. Brunner, 1990, Max Plank Institute.
Dr. F. D. Duncan, 2003, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.
Prof. R. Hengeveld, 1997, Institute of Forestry and Nature Research, Wageningen.
Dr. G. Sjoberg, 1998, Swedish University of Agriculture, Sweden.

6-12 months

Prof. M.V. Price, 1993, University of California, U.S.A.
Prof. N.M. Waser, 1993, University of California, U.S.A..
Dr J.-M Weber, 1997-1998, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland..
Prof. W.L. Vickery, 1997-1998, University of Montreal, Canada..
Assos. Prof. M.C. Calver, 1998, Murdoch University, Australia..
Prof. A.T Smith, 2001, Arizona State University, U.S.A..
Dr. C.N. Johnson, 2002, James Cook University, Australia..
Prof. E.M Vieira, 2005-2006, Universidade do Vale Rio dos Sinos, Brazil.

> 12 months

Dr. A. Bouskila, 2001-2003, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel



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