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mission statement
Our mission is to describe the many and varied patterns in the distributions, abundances and diversity of terrestrial vertebrates, and to understand the processes that create and shape them. This quest is driven by our fascination with the richness of vertebrate life and the systems that sustain it, and by the imperative to conserve and manage what we can in a world that is impacted increasingly by human activity. We focus our major efforts in the Australasian region because the conservation challenges here are so urgent. We recognise and emphasise the fundamental importance of teaching and learning in ecology. We seek solutions by applying excellence in ecological research and training, by collaborating with research partners within and outside the university, and by engaging the broader community.


Desert Channels: The Impulse to Conserve

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Edited by: Libby Robin, Chris Dickman, Mandy Martin (2010)
CSIRO Publishing

A Fragile Balance: The Extraordinary Story of Australian Marsupials.

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Dickman, C.R.(Author) & Woodford, R.(Illustrator) (2007)
Craftsman House, Victoria.
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Australia's beleaguered fauna.

Friends of the Botanic Gardens
Seminar Feb 2nd, 2007

Doctor Noah

Cravens Peak

biodiversity of the Simpson Desert


We require enthusiastic volunteers to help us check pitfall traps for small mammals and reptiles, survey vegetation plots, collect seed and invertebrate samples, and help with the establishment of new research projects.

The work is physically demanding, but very rewarding, giving volunteers experience in a wide range of survey techniques and research skills.
Volunteers required for desert trips. Contact Chin Liang Beh chin-liang.beh@sydney.edu.au



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