Social Insects lab

Our lab started out working predominately on bees, not only the commercial honey bee (Apis mellifera) but also Asian bees (Apis cerana, Apis florea, Apis andreniformis, Apis dorsata) and Australian stingless bees (Tetragonula, Austroplebeia) …. Learn more

We are looking for a Research Assistant

REFERENCE NO. 2651/1114

We are seeking a Research Assistant to maintain our molecular research laboratory, perform molecular biological research, and assist students in their projects.This position will support two ARC Discovery projects in approximately equal proportion. One project is focused on molecular population genetics of honey bees, the other on the epigenetics of caste conflict in honey bees. The incumbent will be attached to the laboratory of Professor Ben Oldroyd in the School of Biological Sciences, and will also provide support as necessary to Dr. Alyson Ashe, a DECRA fellow in the School of Molecular Biosciences and co-applicant on the epigenetics grant, and Dr. Ros Gloag, a University of Sydney Fellow in the School of Biological Sciences and co-applicant on the population genetics grant.

For queries, please contact Ben Oldroyd at
Please apply online at:, where you will also find a position description.
Applications close January 27.