Vanina Vergoz

Postdoctoral Fellow

A photo of Vanina Vergoz

I study the role of dopamine in the regulation of worker sterility in the honey bee Apis mellifera. I have two main aims: (1) to show that certain genes control honey bee sterility and (2) that there are interactions between these genes and environmental cues such as pheromones released by the queen. My project will provide significant material for a better understanding of honey bees society.

Selected Publications:

  • Vanina Vergoz, Henry McQuillan, Lisa Geddes, Kiri Pullar, Brad Nicholson, Michael Paulin, and Alison Mercer. 2009.Peripheral modulation of worker bee responses to queen mandibular pheromone. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. in press.
  • Martin Giurfa, Eve Fabre, Justin Flaven-Pouchon, Helga Groll, Barbara Oberwallner, Vanina Vergoz, Edith Roussel, and Jean Christophe Sandoz. 2009. Protein-Synthesis Dependency,Interstimulus Interval, Intertrial Interval, and Trial Number Effects in Memory Formation in Olfactory Conditioning of the Sting Extension Reflex in Honeybees. Learning and Memory, 16; 761-765.
  • Vanina Vergoz, Haley A Schreurs , Alison R Mercer 2007. Queen pheromone blocks aversive learning in young worker bees. Science. 20; 384-6.
  • Vanina Vergoz, Edith Roussel , Jean-Christophe Sandoz , Martin Giurfa. 2007. Aversive learning in honeybees revealed by the olfactory conditioning of the sting extension reflex. PLoS ONE.;2 :e288
  • Kyle T Beggs , Kelly A Glendining , Nicola M Marechal , Vanina Vergoz, Ikumi Nakamura, Keith N Slessor , Alison R Mercer. 2007. Queen pheromone modulates brain dopamine function in worker honey bees. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Vol. 104 no. 7 2460-2464.