Prospective students

A photo of students in the genomic lab

We invite students interested in evolutionary and population genetics, behavioural ecology, evolutionary biology and entomology to consider projects in our lab. We focus on studies in social insects, but students interested in developing projects in related areas such as conservation genetics are encouraged to discuss their interests with us.

The laboratory provides generous support for conference travel and research maintenance.

Information on available scholarships can be found at the university research office website.

Honours Students

Projects available for 2015-16 can be downloaded here.

Please note that Ben and Madeleine will be in South Africa on a field trip from 20 October - 8 February. If you are interested in doing Honours in our lab please endeavour to talk to us before October 20. We will also be contactable by email and Skype.

Potential Supervisors: Ben Oldroyd, Madeleine Beekman, Nadine Chapman, Emily Remnant and Ros Gloag (and combinations thereof).