Careers in Biology

Dickman Lab members in the desert

As a graduate of the University of Sydney you can expect to contribute to your community in many different ways. Opportunities exist in business, government, media, education, and research. Apart from the application of your biological expertise, you will be able to utilise the skills that developed during the course of your studies, in particular those associated with effective communication, knowledge acquisition and analysis, and team building. Most commonly, your knowledge of biology will contribute to decision-making in ways that are often unclear and unpredictable. We make a considerable effort to assist you to develop a broad base of skills, within a biological framework.

Applied Biology

  • Biotechnology
  • Production and manufacture of foods and clothing
  • Conservation and management of the environment
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Fish production and management
  • Water quality and management
  • Parasite and pest detection and control
  • Pollution abatement


  • Agriculture
  • Conservation and environment
  • National Parks
  • Fisheries
  • Forests
  • Water resources
  • Medical institutes
  • Private companies
  • Universities


  • Primary, secondary and tertiary education
  • Aquaria, museums and herbaria
  • Botanic gardens, zoos, wildlife parks and field study sites
  • Environmental education
  • Ecotourism

University of Sydney Careers Centre: Your career starts here!

The University of Sydney Careers Centre assists current and recently graduated students in their search for employment both during and after the completion of their tertiary studies. The Careers Centre offers one-to-one career counselling, industry information sessions and fairs, and a broad range of workshops which include ‘resume rescue’ and developing interview and job search skills. The Careers Resource Centre contains information and tools to help student’s research career options, write applications, and find ways to increase their employability. Found in their new location on level 5, Jane Foss Russell Building, their expert staff can help you develop the skills you need to find a job you love. Please see their new website for all the information you require to start your career.