Applying for Honours

Requirement for study area of Biological Sciences

The application process for students who wish to study in the area of Biological Sciences has three components.

STEP 1: You need to check if your are eligible to apply by Calculating your WAM Calculating your WAM (Minimum is 65 WAM)

STEP 2: You need to obtain a written approval from your preferred project supervisor. All projects and the supervisors are listed here.

You need to obtain this written approval via email at least a few weeks prior to the deadline for submitting an application for Honours (usually end Nov for Sem 1 commencement and end of June for S2 commencement). This means you must start contacting the relevant supervisors at least 6 weeks prior to the relevant deadline.

IMPORTANT: To speed up the process of assessment of your eligibility for the project, please always include your current academic transcript to your email request.

After securing the supervisor’s acceptance email you need to forward that email to the School Administration Office and retain a copy for step 3, where you upload it to your official application for Honours on Sydney Student

STEP 3: Complete the Faculty of Science application Faculty of Science Honours Application & Information for all applicants.

Important Dates

  • Applications dates
  • Semester 1 Biology Honours commences in late January
  • Semester 2 Biolgoy Honours program commences in mid July

Please also see the University of Sydney Honours Scholarships page for relevant dates