Who to contact for Honours enquiries


Nathan Lo, Simon Ho, Ross Coleman, Penny Smith, Mary Byrne and William Figueira


All students are responsible for securing their own supervisors. It is important that this be a good match at both the project and supervisor level. You should have a deep commitment to your project, in fact you should feel passionate about it. But, you need to consider more than just the project, don’t forget to consider the mentoring of the academic supervisor. You need to invest some time in meeting with potential supervisors, as you try to determine which honours project/supervisor is right for you. Critical questions you may wish to ask potential supervisors are:

  • How will the project be funded?
  • Have all the appropriate permits and ethics clearances been obtained to do the project?
  • What is your mentoring style?
  • Can I contact some of your current and former students to have a chat about your lab?

Finding a supervisor and project

To find a supervisor and project please visit the Honours project listing in the School's research page.