Postgraduate Research - Committee


We represent postgraduates of SoBS. We liaise with the Postgraduate Studies Committee to discuss all things relating to postgrads, including facilities, resources and issues commonly facing postgrad students. We also post a representative on the School Board and the Safety Committee.

We also organise (or help to organise) postgrad students’ functions like the Induction Day, Warrah Weekend Getaway (twice a year), Postgrad Christmas Party and other regular social events including weekly Frisbee, soccer and lunches as well as representing postgrad students at the School Board meetings. Ask us (just about) anything! We can also help with all sorts of information on postgraduate handbooks, forms, guidelines for applying for the Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS), upgrades, help for students and relevant links.

2014 Postgraduate Committee


President Steven Hawes

120 A11
Vice President Josh Christie   A12
Vice President Clarissa Fraser
PG Excellence Prize Coordinator Ryan Leonard
Martyna Molak 329 A11 14870
Lizzy Lowe 408  A08 15118
Ella Brear 125  A12 67819  
Fran van den Berg 408 A08 15118
Michael Holmes   A12 13642
James Makinson 250  A12  13642  
Helen Smith   A10  13189
Ximonie Clark 125 A12 67590
Luana Lins 329  A11 14870
Aline Martinez 120  A11  14931  
Jacquelyn Simpson 226  A08
Isobel Ronai 250  A12 13642
Christopher Hellyer 112  A11
Becky Morris 117 A11
Amelia Saul   A10 13189
Mel Laird 446 A08