Postgraduate Research - Prizes

Postgraduate Excellence Prize


  • Encourage postgraduate students whose innovative research has the potential to have a major impact.
  • Provide an opportunity for postgraduates to elucidate one of their research project aims and demonstrate how they have progressed towards achieving this.
  • Promote opportunities for postgraduates to develop as researchers by highlighting, presenting and receiving feedback about a key aspect of their contribution to research.
  • Support the development of skills that will enable University of Sydney postgraduate researchers to become leaders who are competitive in their fields and beyond.


  1. Submit application (CV and extended abstract) online - 2015 applications TBA
  2. Four finalists are announced - TBA
  3. Seminars presented by finalists to the Biological Sciences - TBA
  4. Winner announced at Postgraduate Showcase.

Any PhD or Masters students in the Biological Sciences may apply provided they are within 3.5 full time years or the part time equivalent of starting.


Postgraduate Excellence Prize Application form (pdf)
Information for applicants (pdf)

Past Winners

  • 2015: Lizzy Lowe (Hochuli Lab)
  • 2014: Helen Smith (Banks Lab)
  • 2013: Michael Holmes (The Bee Lab)
  • 2012: Alexandra Carthey (Banks Lab)
  • 2011: James (Teddy) Herbert-Read (Ward Lab)
  • 2010: Reid Tingley (Shine Lab)
  • 2009: Elsa Glanville (Integrative Physiology Research Group)
  • 2008: Peter Oxley (The Bee Lab)
  • 2007: Amanda Lane (Shine Lab)
  • 2006: Dan Warner (Shine Lab)
  • 2005: Tracy Langkilde (Shine Lab)
  • 2002: Kylie Robert (Thompson Lab)
2014 Postgraduate Prizes
2014 finalists Isobel Ronai, Aaron Greenville and Sebastián Duchêne with Head of School Clare McArthur. Winner Helen Smith (not pictured).
Credit: M.Ricketts
2013 Postgraduate Finalists
Robyn Overall and 2013 finalists Michael Holmes (winner), Oliver Griffith, Alex Little and Martyna Molak.
Credit: M.Ricketts

Jabez King Heydon Memorial Prize


The prize may be awarded annually in the Biological Sciences for the most meritorious PhD awarded in the twelve months preceding the award. The award shall be made on the recommendation of a committee consisting of the Head of the Biological Sciences, and the Professors, Readers and Associate Professors in the Biological Sciences. Value is currently $1000. All full and part-time PhD candidates whose EFTSUs are attributed to the Biological Sciences may be considered for the prize, except as below.

No student who has enrolled (as a PhD student) for more than the equivalent of 8 full-time semesters of enrolment (including any period as an M.Sc. student for those who convert to a Ph.D. enrolment) will be eligible for consideration for the prize.


  1. The Administrative Officer will check eligibility of contenders against the School’s records, remove any ineligible student from the list to be circulated and will notify the Chair, Postgraduate Studies Committee.
  2. Any appeal against removal of the student from the list shall be solely by providing evidence that the student’s enrolment is not correctly documented. No appeal will be relevant for a special case allowing extended enrolment beyond the equivalent of 8 full-time semesters.
  3. The prizewinners will be selected by ranking those eligible from 1 (top) onwards. The final ranks will be determined at the meeting. The Prize may be shared by students who receive equal top ranking.
  4. Any written ranking submitted in advance to the meeting must be accompanied by the agreement of the author of the submission that a nominated person present at the meeting may alter the rankings if swayed to do so by discussion at the meeting. The Head of School (or Head of School’s nominee) can be nominated by anyone who so chooses.

Past Winners

  • 2014 Michael Holmes
  • 2013 Joshua Amiel
  • 2012 Bridget Murphy
  • 2010 Danny Liu
  • 2009 Nadine Chapman & Peter Oxley (shared)
  • 2008 Amanda Lan
  • 2007 Nikolai Tatarnic & Daniel Warner (shared)
  • 2006 Deborah Barton
  • 2005 Tracy Langkilde
  • 2004 Christine Faulkner & Michael Kearney (shared)
  • 2003 Michael Letnic
  • 2002 Helroise Gibb
  • 2001 Meredith Peach
  • 2000 Won Je Lee, Sharon Downes & Alastair Simpson (shared)
  • 1999 Deborah Shearman
  • 1998 Marcus Lincoln-Smith
  • 1997 Peter Banks & Marti Anderson (shared)
  • 1995 Terena Holdaway-Clarke
  • 1994 David Choquenot
  • 1993 Mark Penfold
  • 1992 Kristin Argall & Peter Clarke (shared)
  • 1991 Graeme Inglis & David Keith (shared)
  • 1990 Julia Hush
  • 1989 Craig James
  • 1988 Neil Andrew & Ursula Kaly (shared)
  • 1987 Jane Chrystal & Georgina Kelly (shared)
  • 1986 Janice Warren
  • 1985 Leigh Pascoe
  • 1984 Keith McGuinness
  • 1983 Gary Fitt & Tony Auld (shared)
  • 1981 Laurence Taplin