University safety training

Safety Resources

All new staff, students and affiliates are required to complete an online induction, followed by a local safety induction. Supervisors may also require students to train in safety courses such as "Working with Chemicals" ,"Biosafety" or other courses which require enrolment in the RiskWare system.

As a postgrad, you may not have access to Careerpath. Instead, you can access training through the University WHS site at

Click on the "Training" link under "Managing Risk".

Training screenshot 1:

Training screenshot

On the next page right hand side is a "WHS induction" link for "research students and affiliates"

Training screenshot 2:

Training screenshot

Select this and provide the details required for the on line form. You will then be sent an email which will give you a link and a login access access to the Work Health and Safety Induction module. This Training area will also give you access to other relevant WHS training courses.

Please keep the email generated by the system for CareerPath access in a safe place. It can be used in your student/affiliate years to access other WHS courses. The CareerPath system will also keep a record of your safety training for career and audit purposes.

Once you have all but completed this module, you will see a page similar to the one below. Please print out or use a screen capture to show your supervisor completion of the module. The supervisor should record this completion in a training record.

Training screenshot 3:

Training screenshot

The second level is local induction

The University requires that all new staff and students have a local safety induction in the first week. To help both the student and supervisor, the School has produced information on the Intranet Safety page under Induction.

  1. An Induction Check list is signed with a copy remaining with the Supervisor as a training record, and a copy sent to the Safety Officer (me) for audit purposes.
  2. The School Safety Induction Manual should supply most of the essential information.

The next level is specific training run either by WHS or external providers.

Again, following the links on the WHS training site, students can access the full range of safety training courses available through CareerPath e.g.

  • Biosafety
  • Radiation Safety
  • Working with Chemicals
  • Emergency Warden
  • WHS Induction

The Biological Sciences also has groups which require first aid training through external groups e.g. First Aid - courses run through SUSF