Talented Student Program - Guidelines

The Talented Student Program is administered by the Faculty of Science, and students are selected by the Dean on the basis of academic performance in the preceding year. Students with an interest in biology can choose to conduct aspects of the TSP within the School of Biological Sciences.

At Junior level, TSP students can take part in a range of activities which provide opportunities for them to enhance or extend their interests in biology, and in the process help them to develop closer links with individual members of staff within the School.

In the first semester, a program of activity sessions is conducted when academic staff from the School of Biological Sciences meet with students from the Talented Student Program. There are from six to eight sessions, one per week, and each of up to 2 hours duration. Topics covered in each session are relevant to material included in the First Year Biology course and may include lecture and tutorial-type material, scientific demonstrations, or a practical exercise in a research laboratory. Enrolment in Biology 1 or completion of HSC biology is appropriate but not essential. In second semester, students may be given the opportunity to follow-up their interests in a particular field of biology with interactions and activities within the research program of an academic staff member.

At Intermediate and Senior levels, TSP students can become directly involved in the ongoing research projects of staff members, and may be permitted to substitute part or all of a standard unit of study with a tailored research project that will earn credit points towards their degree.

For example, Intermediate and Senior TSP students may conduct research projects within the School worth 4-12 credit points per semester. The number of hours of work per week should correspond with the credit point value of the unit of study. Supervision of the research project may be organised between Academic staff and appropriate postdoctoral research staff. The project would normally comprise a mini Honours-style exercise during which the student can perform independent thinking and research activity. The aim is to strengthen and/or extend the student's knowledge and skills in the chosen field in a way that is complementary to elected coursework units. Assessment can be based upon submission of a research report, research poster, draft manuscript or similar, and the presentation of a talk/seminar on the research project to associated research staff/students. A formal assessment report with recommended mark is submitted to the Dean at the end of the semester by the supervisor (via the TSP coordinator).

If you are interested in participating in one of the TSP options offered by the School of Biological Sciences, please contact Associate Professor Dieter Hochuli or Professor Madeleine Beekman as soon as possible.

  1. Send an e-mail to make an appointment to meet with the coordinator
  2. Bring your Faculty TSP Enrolment Form to the meeting