Talented Student Program - Project Options

Talented student activities can involve replacing regular units of study with individually tailored units. TSP students may conduct research projects worth 4-12 credit points per semester. The number of hours of work per week should correspond with the credit point value of the unit of study. Supervision of the research project may be organised between Academic staff or research staff off-campus. The project would normally comprise a mini Honours-style exercise during which the student can perform independent thinking and research activity. The aim is to strengthen and/or extend the student's knowledge and skills in the chosen field in a way that is complementary to elected coursework units. Assessment can be based upon submission of a research report, research poster, draft manuscript or similar, and the presentation of a talk/seminar on the research project to associated research staff/students. The supervisor submits a formal assessment report with recommended mark to the TSP coordinator at the end of the semester. This is then forwarded to the Science Faculty.

The steps in setting this up are:

  1. Develop a short proposal (1-2 pages) for the project. This should be the result of a discussion between the supervisor and student where the research topic and approach are defined and there is a plan of how the work fits into a unit of study. Suggested headings for the proposal are:
    - Introduction
    - Project proposal
    - Research questions
    - Research methodology (include a timetable if appropriate)
    - Assessment of the Unit of Study - usually a report, you specify the length and format. It may be appropriate to give a talk as well.
    - Date for completion of report - this should be before exams start.
    - Examiners - two are preferred, including the supervisor
  2. The student has the TSP form signed by their mentor who will be one of the TSP coordinators. The student returns the signed form to the Science Faculty who approves the Unit of Study. This ensures that the TSP activity is recorded on the student's transcript.
  3. The mark for the TSP Unit of study is returned to the TSP coordinator during the exam period at the end of the semester.
  4. The Science Faculty also asks that the students provide a short summary and a PowerPoint slide of the TSP project suitable for a general audience. These are used to provide future students with the range of projects conducted. The project summary and slide are returned to the TSP coordinator by the student at the end of the semester.

As a guide a 6 CP unit of study should involve about 6 hours per week over the semester.

Please let Dr Hannah Nicholas, Associate Professor Dieter Hochuli, Professor Madeleine Beekman or Professor Balwant Singh know if you have any questions.