Talented Student Program - Seminars

Monday 5-6pm – DT Anderson Lecture Theatre, Heydon-Laurence Building A08.

For more details contact TSP coordinator: Dr Dieter Hochuli

Week Date Presenter Topic
3 15 March Dr Dieter Hochuli Registration and introduction
4 22 March Dr Charlie Warren What limits growth and carbon exchange of plants and ecosystems?
5 29 March Associate Professor Neville Firth Understanding superbug evolution: Molecular biology of antibiotic resistant "Golden Staph"
6 12 April Associate Prof Jan Marc Plant responses to environmental stress signals
7 19 April Professor Steve Simpson Swarms, cannibals, obesity and ageing: new insights from nutrition
8 26 April Associate Professor Greg Sword Collective movement and insect mass migration
9 3 May Associate Professor Madeleine Beekman How ants and bees solve complex problems
10 10 May Dr Sylvain Dubey Conservation genetics of the Blue Mountains water skink (Eulamprus leuraensis)
11 17 May Dr Dieter Hochuli Ecological meltdown in fragmented habitats: fact or fantasy?