Charlie is willing to take on postdoctoral researchers subject to funding. Attractive postdoctoral fellowships are available from the several sources including the Australian Research Council and University of Sydney. These fellowships are highly competitive and are generally awarded only to PhD graduates with > 10 publications. Please contact Charlie if you think you may be competitive and have research interests that complement Charlie’s.

Graduate (PhD)

Charlie is happy to take on enthusiastic PhD students.

Australian and New Zealand students can apply for Research Training Scheme (RTS), which is competitive and you would need a First Class Honours degree to stand a chance. Contact Charlie if you are interested and think that you may be competitive.

If you are an International student, it would be worthwhile checking if your government provides scholarships for postgraduate study abroad. The Australian government offers many scholarships for research based postgraduate study at an Australian university for students from overseas. The scholarships are based on undergraduate marks and are highly competitive. Generally speaking, it is not worth applying without a research-based Masters degree or a full year's research component in the undergraduate degree. Publications and research experience are given bonus points.

PhD students with scholarships will be offered generous funding for their project. In Australia the normal duration of a PhD is 3 years and there is no obligation to take or teach courses - research is their sole responsibility - but teaching generally is available if you want to make extra money or gain relevant experience.


Students interested in undertaking an honours project are very welcome. Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas, but if you would like some suggestions in your broad interest area, send Charlie an email. A prerequisite to enrol in honours is a WAM or equivalent undergraduate average of >70%.