Current postgraduate & honours students

Chris Donovan: Nutrition of epiphytes

Lab visitors (past and present)

David Israel (University of Helsinki) Mesophyll conductance of Arabidopsis

Prof Barbara Hawkins (visiting Prof from University of Victoria): organic N nutrition of plants

Prof Daniel Epron (visiting Prof from Université Henri Poincaré): Interaction between plants and soil

Mercedes Uscola (visiting PhD student from Universidad de Alcalá ): Uptake of amino acids by plants

Javier Cano (visiting PhD student from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid): Shade and drought influences on photosynthesis of trees

Former postgraduate & honours students

Caroline Cheung (Hons): Are plants left-handed, right-handed or ambidextrous?

Jacqui Simpson (PhD): Organic N cycling and uptake in Eucalyptus plantations

Cyril Douthe (co-tutelle PhD student with Université Henri Poincaré): Relationship between isotopic discrimination of 13C during photosynthesis and water use efficiency

Michael Kowalczyk-Barker (Hons): Effect of plants on soil respiration at cold temperatures

Allison Frith (Hons): Ecophysiology of Wollemi pine

Evan Graham (Hons): Ecophysiology of Wollemi pine

James Bevan (Hons): Reproductive biology of Pinus radiata

Emma Paulding (Hons): Uptake of inorganic and organic N by Eucalyptus species

Sabine Posch (PhD): Environmental and genetic variation of photosynthesis, photoinhibition and antioxidants in Pinus radiata

Tarryn Turnbull (PhD): Photosynthetic responses to light, nitrogen, phosphorus and pruning of Eucalyptus in south-eastern Australia