Assoc Prof Charles Warren

Assoc Prof Charles Warren

Charlie Warren has a bachelors degree from the University of Tasmania, a PhD from the University of Western Australia and formal qualifications in university teaching and supervision of graduate students. Charlie has worked in Canada and France and maintains active overeas research links.

Charlie's main research interests are:

  • Interactions between plants and soil
  • Diffusion of CO2 within leaves
  • The ecosystem N cycle and N uptake by plants
  • Plant and soil responses to temporally variable water and nutrients

Charlie is willing to take on keen PhD and honours students. He will entertain any project that fits within his area of expertise and can be accommodated by the School’s facilities. Interested students should approach Charlie with details of undergraduate grades and areas of interest.

Current postgraduate & honours students

Jacqui Simpson: Nitrogen uptake and ecosystem N cycling in Eucalyptus plantations

Lab visitors (past and present)

Prof Barbara Hawkins (visiting Prof from University of Victoria): organic N nutrition of plants

Prof Daniel Epron (visiting Prof from Université Henri Poincaré): Interaction between plants and soil

Mercedes Uscola (visiting PhD student from Universidad de Alcalá ): Uptake of amino acids by plants

Javier Cano (visiting PhD student from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid): Shade and drought influences on photosynthesis of trees

Former postgraduate & honours students

Cyril Douthe (co-tutelle PhD student with Université Henri Poincaré): Relationship between isotopic discrimination of 13C during photosynthesis and water use efficiency

Michael Kowalczyk-Barker (Hons): Effect of plants on soil respiration at cold temperatures

Allison Frith (Hons): Ecophysiology of Wollemi pine

Evan Graham (Hons): Ecophysiology of Wollemi pine

James Bevan (Hons): Reproductive biology of Pinus radiata

Emma Paulding (Hons): Uptake of inorganic and organic N by Eucalyptus species

Sabine Posch (PhD): Environmental and genetic variation of photosynthesis, photoinhibition and antioxidants in Pinus radiata

Tarryn Turnbull (PhD): Photosynthetic responses to light, nitrogen, phosphorus and pruning of Eucalyptus in south-eastern Australia