Graduate profile

Nicole Mealing

Nicole graduated with a BSc (Advanced Mathematics), with Honours in statistics

Why did you choose to study statistics?

Nicole Mealing

I always enjoyed maths class during school and was keen to continue studying mathematics at university. I enrolled in a BSc (Advanced Mathematics) and came to university with the intention to complete a double major in pure and applied mathematics. After a few units I discovered that I was looking for more application driven units and started taking up more and more statistics units.

Did you have a lot of job opportunities upon graduation?

There are many jobs available for someone with a statistics background (see During third year I was successful in obtaining a cadetship with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) which meant that I had a guaranteed job at the conclusion of my Honours year. I learnt a lot during my time with the ABS. I now work in the health area as a biostatistical officer.

Did you think you'd end up working in the health and medical area?

I was never exactly sure where I would end up working after completing my degree. The beauty of having a background in statistics is that you can apply it to almost any field - be it medicine, law, physics, etc.