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Tilly Boleyn

Tilly Boleyn loved studying science and assumed, like many of her fellow students that her future career would predominantly involve bossing around lab rats or collecting samples in a distant field station. She was astonished to learn about the varied and amazing adventures that the combination of science training, passion for the subject and communication skills opened up for her.

Tilly completed her Bachelor of Science with Honours in Microbiology at the University of Sydney, and her dinner party conversation can still turn - without warning - to the microevolution of Cryptococcus neoformans var. neoformans in response to antifungal agents.

She worked as a researcher before trading in her love/hate relationship with pipettes and RNA extractions for the opportunity to bring science to the public through events, radio and television.

You may have seen Tilly on various television breakfast shows and weather crosses, donating blood and singing the praises of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service when she was the Ambassador for their Frequent Donor Club. From there she moved behind the scenes to science communication as scientific researcher and backstage troublemaker for the ABC TV show Sleek Geeks, starring Adam Spencer and Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

In her next TV project Tilly moved in front of the camera, hosting and producing the Science Spectrum television series for TVS.

Tilly cut her radio teeth on Sydney’s 2SER FM, starting off on Diffusion Science Radio before joining the ABC as a science broadcaster and event producer. During her time at the ABC Tilly managed the celebration of science, known as the Ultimo Science Festival. Over the past seven years the Festival has flourished as a vibrant, independent, cultural event that offers engagement, education and quality entertainment to over 17,000 participants each year.

In her latest career move Tilly has shifted down the road from the ABC to the Powerhouse Museum. As the Science Education Officer she develops and produces science programs for museum visitors, school students and the community as part of the Ultimo Science Festival.