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Dr Laurence Cantrill

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VIDEO: Watch Laurence talk about how he became a microscopist and what his job entails

Laurence Cantrill completed his undergraduate science degree with a focus on genetics and plant biology. “Science at Sydney was fascinating. You’re learning about how the world works, and as you learn more you start to become more engaged,” enthuses Laurence.
Laurence went on to complete a PhD in biology and now works as the head microscopist at the Kids Research Institute, Westmead.

He’s excited about working with the institute’s Correlative Light and Electron Microscope (CLEM) suite. “These microscopes will help bridge the gap between light and electron microscopy, so that researchers can make medical observations in greater detail and clarity than previously possible,” explains Laurence.

Laurence firmly believes that science is a great general degree with wide ranging applications across medical fields and industries. “My course gave me many options in terms of career paths. I started off doing plant-based science, but the skills I acquired along the way allowed me to move into medical imaging and research. Science teaches you how to think critically, to analyse problems, to organise your time, to run experiments. These skills that can be valuable in any field,” he says.