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Dr Marc Daley

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Marc Daley

  • Studied: Marine Science with Honours, plus PhD
  • Now works as: Coastal Advisor, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

Growing up on Sydney’s northern beaches, Marc Daley forged a close relationship with the coast from a young age. “I was part of the local surf club and was in the water pretty much every day,” remembers Marc.

This daily exposure to the beach enabled Marc to see first-hand how his local coastline was being managed, and inspired him to play a key role in coastal management.

In keeping with his childhood dreams, Marc is a Coastal Advisor for the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, and in his role, provides advice on managing the impacts of hazards on NSW coasts, beaches and estuaries.

Marc’s path to winning his dream job started with a marine science degree at Sydney, where he studied marine biology, oceanography, geology and coastal zone management. Next, Marc enrolled in honours, which he says was essential in opening the door to his PhD and future job.

It was contacts developed during his PhD that led Marc to his current job, in which he says no two days are the same. “Any day could see me implementing policy reform, improving planning and management within the coastal zone or writing briefing notes for the Minister.

“I feel lucky to have landed a job that’s in-line with my studies in the field I’m passionate about, and it’s rewarding to be making an ongoing difference to how we manage our coastline for both our and future generations.”