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Amanda Green

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VIDEO: Watch Amanda talk about how she became a psychologist and what her job entails

Amanda Green's expertise in psychology has helped hundreds of people find support and solutions when they need it the most.

Amanda graduated from the University of Sydney in 2007 with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), which included an investigation into activity-based anorexia in rats for her Honours thesis.

The internships she completed throughout her Doctor of Clinical Psychology/Master of Science (now Master of Clinical Psychology and Doctor of Philosphy) gave her invaluable experience and understanding of therapy techniques for survivors of sexual, verbal and physical abuse as well as substance dependence.

Amanda's first encounter with the complexities of indigenous and remote mental health was through an internship in Broken Hill.

This rewarding experience laid the foundation for a lifelong interest in the unique challenges for rural and remote communities.

Amanda was shocked to witness the hesitancy people had in seeking support for anxiety and depression, some waiting as long as 18 years to get medical help due to a range of personal and cultural factors.

Her studies allowed her great opportunities to learn practical skills in delivering evidence-based therapy to adults, children, adolescents and families.

Currently working as a Clinical Psychologist for the Northern Beaches Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, Amanda's time at Sydney University was crucial in preparing her to work with children and adolescents with complex difficulties such as anxiety, depression, deliberate self harm, suicidal ideation and eating disorders.

Long term Amanda hopes to return to rural areas and reconnect with communities where mental health issues remain largely unaddressed and stigmatised.