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Vincent Lam

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Vincent Lam

When he started his company 21 years ago, Vincent Lam had no idea he was doing it in the right place at the right time. As CEO and founder of one of the largest outdoor advertising agencies in the Greater China region, AsiaRay, Vincent has grown the company from its birth in 1993 to the behemoth it is today. With over 500 employees in 31 offices, AsiaRay’s growth will only continue as it is perfectly poised to ride the wave of China’s flourishing economy.

Vincent’s entrepreneurial journey started at the University of Sydney, not in business, but with a
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in computer science, which he later followed with a Master of Commerce at UNSW.
A few years after university, he took the fortuitous opportunity to work in China at the invitation of a friend. While there, he was introduced to the parent of another friend, who offered to help Vincent start a business in advertising. From this small beginning, Vincent has created a business that is today responsible for the advertising billboards and light boxes in 30 airports, 6 metro lines and hundreds of highways and downtown streets in China and Hong Kong.

Although Vincent’s undergraduate training was in science, he says the analytical skills learnt during his degree, particularly in Honours, were indispensible to helping him navigate the mechanics of running a business. “I learnt how to work independently and how to solve problems, which has come in use every day of my working life.”