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Terry Miu

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Terry Miu

  • Studied: Bachelor of Science majoring in financial maths
  • Now works as: Investment Banking Analyst, Morgan Stanley

Since childhood, Terry Miu has loved maths. So much so, that when it came time to choose a degree at university, Terry decided to study her favourite subject, even to the surprise of her parents. “When I told them I was majoring in maths, they said ‘Are you sure?’” remembers Terry.

To combine her long-standing love for maths with her curiosity for the finance world, Terry enrolled in a Bachelor of Science majoring in financial maths, which meant giving up the opportunity to do the more sought-after subjects like medicine and law – something that Terry recalls without a hint of regret.

“For me, university was about doing something I was interested in, rather than restricting myself to a particular career path,” says the Science graduate, who was also on the Student Representative Council and was elected President of the Sydney Uni Science Society in 2009.

In the 2nd year of her BSc, Terry decided that she was also interested in corporate finance, so she applied for an internship and was invited to interview at Morgan Stanley. “I didn’t think that I would stand a chance to be honest, because I was up against people who were doing university degrees in the area,” she recalls.

Much to Terry’s surprise, it was clear that a finance degree was not the only pathway to get a job in corporate finance. Through her experience with Morgan Stanley, Terry felt that well rounded candidates with different skills sets who could show a real interest and knowledge in finance were considered alongside candidates with the more traditional university studies in finance, commerce.

At end of the internship, Terry was offered a full time position at Morgan Stanley and has been there for just over two years. Terry describes her current position of Investment Banking Analyst as one that leverages a number of skills sets including research, building business models and doing presentations for clients. She says the skills she forged during her Bachelor of Science in logical thinking, research, quantitative analysis, writing and presentation are indispensible to her current success.

In her time on the job, Terry says she is stimulated by the constant challenge of learning new things everyday, as well as the passionate, driven colleagues at Morgan Stanley: “The job requires you to pick up lots of things very quickly, which is why you need a passion for the job that is about more than just the pay check each week.”

Terry advises new-comers, who feel they may too have a burning passion to work in finance, to “always do what interests you at university, because if you are doing what you love, then you’ll do well no matter what.”

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