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Matthew Quek

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Matthew Quek

Matthew Quek completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours) at University of Sydney, and sees first hand how exciting the applications of biotechnology can be. "Undergrad science is obviously the solid foundation to any future career in biotechnology. But what sets biotechnology apart from other disciplines is how applied it can be. Biotechnology is all about bringing scientific research to the fore and using discoveries to benefit society as a whole. It is this process of idea conception to realising its application in the real world that makes biotechnology truly exciting and unique."

Matthew says that studying science at Sydney gave him the essential problem solving and critical thinking skills that can really be applied to any career path. "Since these skills are so widely applicable, the career opportunities are many and varied."

After completing his Honours year, Matthew moved straight into sales and worked in pharmaceutical industry before moving to a laboratory equipment company. He now works as an account manager for the diagnostics division of Bio-Rad Laboratories, a company that supplies diagnostic products to hospitals and private pathology laboratories. "Biotechnology is a diverse field and allows a lot of scope for you to pick and choose things that really interest you," Matthew says. "Many of my friends interested in biotechnology went on to do PhDs while others moved into industry sales, market consulting or teaching."

Matthew found that the people he met and the overall atmosphere at University of Sydney made it a wonderful place to be. "I’m sure it’s been said before, but university isn’t just about the study, it’s an experience. The friends you make contribute as much to your education as the lecturers. The sheer scope of courses and majors and the flexibility of choice is a real plus at Sydney. You get to experience a wide array of disciplines and choose the one that you most enjoy or find most interesting for more advanced study."

Matthew also appreciates the balance he achieved between study and other pursuits. "The great thing I found at Sydney was that I was able to balance study with taking part in a range of sports and social clubs. I would highly recommend any future students to get involved with this side of uni life, as it’s extremely rewarding."