Matching your skills to selection criteria

Here is an example of actual selection criteria used by the ABS to recruit graduates. On the right are a few basic examples of past experience which a graduate may use to address these criteria.

EXAMPLE: Graduate Careers within the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
Graduates must have a proven record of academic achievement – as a minimum, a three-year bachelor degree, completed before or at the end of the relevant year. Although preference will be given to applicants with formal qualifications for IT Graduate positions, a minimum of two years relevant, and current, work experience may be considered acceptable in the absence of formal qualifications. For Cadet positions, applicants must be eligible to enrol in an honours year in the following year, in either Econometrics, Mathematics/Statistics, or a closely related field. 
1. Sound conceptual, investigative and analytical skills, together with an ability to undertake statistical research projects. Group research project 
2. Well-developed oral and written communication skills, and an ability to explain complex ideas to a non-technical audience including clients, respondents and colleagues. 
Poster presentation
3. Good interpersonal and liaison skills, including the initiative, drive and flexibility to achieve results. 
Mentor for Computer Science 
4. An ability to organise tasks, work effectively in teams or individually and meet deadlines. 
Year 12 Peer Support leader 
5. A demonstrated understanding of the role of the ABS. 
6. Relevant tertiary qualifications and a demonstrated level of academic achievement.


A graduate who has constructed a full portfolio from a log of recorded activities will have little difficulty in addressing these criteria. To find out how to do this, read Reflecting on your skills.

You should approach each selection criterion in a similar way you would a university essay or report. You will need to justify how you fulfil each criterion in a clear and concise manner, citing relevant achievements and activities. Have a look at the examples in the menu on the left of this page, so you can see how graduates addressed selection criteria.