VIDEOS: Careers in the Natural Sciences

How do you get a job in the natural sciences and what can you actually do for work? Science graduates work in many different industries, in many different roles. Watch these videos to find out how some of our graduates got their jobs and where their careers have taken them.

Career profile: Nick Leeder, Managing Director of Google France

Studied: Bachelor of Science with honours in pure mathematics
Now works as: Managing Director of Google France

Career profile: Amanda Green, Psychologist

Studied: Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and Doctor of Clinical Psychology/Master of Science
Now works as: Clinical Psychologist

Career profile: Dr Laurence Cantrill, Microscopist

Studied: Bachelor of Science, Honours and PhD
Now works as: Microscopist

Career profile: Lindsay Soutar, Sustainability Campaign Manager

Studied: Honours in Geography
Now works as: Sustainability Campaign Manager

Career profile: Haydn Valle, Research Economist

Studied: Bachelor of Resource Economics
Now works as: Research Economist

Career profile: Robert Johnson, Veterinarian

Studied: Veterinary Science
Now works as: Veterinarian