howard memorial lecture program


The Howard Memorial Lecture

The Howard Lectures are delivered at the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales by a scientist who has pre-eminence in the area of Organic Chemistry or related discipline. The lectures are funded by a bequest left to both Universities in 1994 by the late Harold Theodore Howard. Howard obtained a BSc from Sydney University and graduated from Sydney Teachers College in Chemistry and Organic Chemistry (Pure and Applied). He taught chemistry for many years (1925-62), and upon retirement in 1966 carried out further research on saponins and steroid chemistry as an Honorary Research Associate at Macquarie University (1966-77) and the University if NSW (1978-85).

Previous Howard Lecturers

1994 Peter B Dervan (California Institute of Technology)
1995 Andrew G Myers (California Institute of Technology)
1996 Jean Marie Lehn (Université Louis Pasteur)
1997 Edwin C. Constable (Universität Basel)
1998 Clayton Heathcock (University of California at Berkeley)
1999 Harold Kroto (University of Sussex)
2000 Paul A. Wender (Stanford University)
2001 Jeffrey S. Moore (University of Illinios)
2002 Julius Rebek (Scripps Research Institute)
2003 Carolyn Bertozzi (University of California, Berkeley)
2004 Andrew Hamilton (Yale)
2005 Reza Ghadiri (Scripps Research Institute)
2006 Shū Kabayashi (University of Tokyo)
2007 Shankar Balasubramanian (University of Cambridge)
2008 Chi-Huey Wong (Scripps Research Institute)
2009 John Hartwig (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
2010 Gary Molander (University of Pennsylvania)
2011 Chris Hunter (Department of Chemistry, The University of Sheffield, UK)
2012 Phil Baran (The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA)
2013 Andrew Phillips (Department of Chemistry, Yale University, USA)