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Phil Gale

Professor Phil Gale

Chemistry is the essential science, underpinning many exciting areas of research as well as new technologies and natural processes. A basic understanding of chemistry is essential for scientists, teachers, communicators, decision makers and anyone with a desire to understand the world around them.

The School of Chemistry was the first chemistry department in Australia and remains one of the largest. Central to our research and teaching is a vibrant and multidisciplinary team of academic and research staff, well supported by professional, technical and administrative staff. We currently have over 35 academic staff leading research groups, with over 60 postdoctoral research fellows and more than 100 postgraduate students conducting research towards their Masters and PhD degrees, including a large cohort of international students. This large group of researchers is well supported with modern laboratory facilities and instrumentation. Combined with our excellent access to major international research facilities, this provides an outstanding environment for chemistry education and research. Our research excellence is recognised by numerous prizes and awards to individual staff members and the award of over $7 million in research funding each year.

Our philosophy and practice of using research-led teaching provides all of our students with the latest, cutting-edge scientific knowledge and invaluable problem-solving skills as they embark upon their careers. Our staff are recognised for their outstanding commitment to teaching excellence. Each year our undergraduate enrolments (Years 1-3) average more than 2500 students per semester, while there are over 30 students in our Honours program.

If you are thinking of studying here or are interested in finding out about the various research activities in School, we hope this website will provide the information you need and invite you to explore it in detail.

Professor Phil Gale
Head of School