history of the school


The School has had a long and distinguished history since its establishment in 1851 with the appointment of Professor John Smith, one of the three foundation professors of the University, to the Chair of Chemistry and Experimental Physics.

Want to find out what lectures or practical classes were like here 100 years ago or read the biographies of some of the School's early professors? The late Dr Jim Eckert, has written a number of articles on the history of the School and the University, and these can be found in the Alumni newsletters or in his book The Early Years.

Visit the Nobel Laureates page to read about the two Laureates associated with the School.

The Chemistry Building is architecturally historic , being one of the first structures in Australia built with a curtain wall (a non-load-bearing skin, usually of glass, that encloses the framework of a building). To read more visit The building of the Chemistry School (by Dr Jim Eckert) and The construction of the Chemistry School - Recollections of Architect Charles Weatherburn