Archive lectures - 2004

Archivie lectures

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February 11

Professor Markus Meuwly

University of Basel
Myoglobin or the Biologist's Hydrogen Atom: Towards Detailed Understanding


Howard Lectures

March 10

Professor Brynn Hibbert

University of New South Wales

Scientist vs The Law


April 14

Professor Albert Mau

CSIRO Molecular Science

Counterfeiting of Banknotes, Science and Some Preventative Measures



Professor Karl Wieghardt

Max Planck Institute for Bioinorganic Chemistry

Coordination Chemistry of Life


Liversidge Lecture

June 9

Professor Peter Stang

University of Utah

Nanoscale Molecular Architecture: Design and Self-Assembly of Metallocyclic Polygons and Polyhedra via Coordination


Howard Lecture

June 30

Professor Andy Hamilton

Yale University

Molecular Recognition: From Supramolecular chemistry to Drug Design

602 August 11

Professor Brice Bosnich

University of Chicago

The Engines of Life, Molecular Motors and Molecular Machines

AGM 75

Presidential Address

September 15

Associate Professor Scott Kable

University of Sydney

Fluorescence Spectroscopy as a Probe of Chemical Structure and Reactivity

603 October 13

Professor Lew Mander

Research School of Chemistry, ANU

Enabling Strategies for the Assembly of Complex Polycyclic Natural Products


Le Fèvre Student Lectures

November 10

Jenny Waern, University of Sydney

The Biological Chemistry of Molybdocene Dichloride and Derivatives

Deborah Crittenden, University of Sydney

An Ab Initio Approach to Understanding Quantum Nuclear Motion

Adam Wootton, University of Sydney

The Vital Role of Water Molecules in the Formation of Inverse Micelle