Archive lectures - 2005

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Alexander Lecture

February 16

Professor John Ralston

Director, Ian Wark Research Institute

University of South Australia
Solid-Liquid Interactions and Functional Surface Wettability


Howard Lectures

March 21

Professor Reza Ghadiri

Scripps Research Institute

Self-Assembling Peptide Nanotubes: Design and Biological Applications

Toward Synthetic Biology: Design and Study of Complex Peptide Networks


RACI HG Smith Medalist

April 13

Professor Tom Davies

University of New South Wales

Building an Academic Research Career in the Chemical Sciences at the University of New South Wales: The First 12 Years


AAS Craig Medalist

May 11

Professor Alan Bond

Monash University

New Chemical Insights Gained from Use of Fourier Transform Techniques in Electrochemistry

609 June 8

Professor Jennie Brand-Miller

University of Sydney

The low GI Diet: Another Fad or the Best Science-Based Diet Ever?

610 August 10

Dr Alison Green

Editor, Australian Journal of Chemistry

Scientific Publishing in a Time of Rapid Development

Presidential Address
September 14

Dr Adrian George

University of Sydney

Drug Detection, Organometallics and Chemistry Education - Probing the Limits


Cornforth and Lions Lecturers

October 12

Professor Roeland Nolte

Unviersity of Nijmegen

Bio-Inspired Architectures by Programmed Assembly


Le Fèvre Student Lectures

November 9

Joseph Bevitt, University of Sydney

Guest Exchange Processes in Flexible Nanoporous Materials

Justin Read, University of Sydney

Challenges Posed by Students at Risk

Gemma Solomon, University of Sydney

Inelastic Electron Tunnelling Spectroscopy: The molecular Signature in Single Molecule Conduction