Archive lectures - 2006

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February 15

Professor John White

Research School of Chemistry, ANU
Understanding Soft Matter


Francis Lions Lecture

March 15

Professor Ian Rae

President-Elect, The RACI

Sydney University, 1948: The Organic Chair


Ritchie Lecture

April 5

Professor Andrew Holmes

Bio21 Institute, University of Melbourne and CSIRO

Seeing the Light with Polymers

616 May 10

Professor Michael Collins

Research School of Chemistry, ANU

Molecular Energies and Energy Surfaces: A Feasible Strategy for Theorectical Chemical Dynamics

617 June 14

Professor Peter Colman

The Walter and Eliza Hall Insitute of Medical Research Melbourne, Victoria

Molecular arbiters of cell life and death

618 July 12

Dr Willem Bouma

Ex-Science Advisor, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research

Twenty-Two Years in Atmospheric Science


Howard Lectures

August 16

Professor Shu Kobayashi

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tokyo

Lewis Acid Catalysis in Aqueous Media

Renaissance of Immobilized Metal Catalysts

620 September 18

Professor Chris Abell

Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Small Scale Chemsitry - How an Organic Chemist was Led Astray.


Presidential Address

October 11

Professor Leo Radom

University of Sydney

Chemistry by Computer: An Investigation of Hydrogenation Processes


Le Fèvre Student Lectures

November 8

David Bray, University of Sydney

Tuning and Functionalising Gold Nanoparticle Films

Peter Brotherhood, University of Sydney

Selectivity Enhancement in Molecular Recognition: Kinetic Trapping of the Thermodynamic Products of Pre-equilibria

Stuart Thickett, University of Sydney

Polymerically Stabilized Emulsion Systems: New Kinetic Understanding