Sydney University Chemical Society

two students in a chemistry laboratory

The Sydney University Chemical Society was founded in 1929 and has organised more than 700 lectures.

Originally the preserve of graduate and honours students, the original aims of the society were to foster and maintain an interest in pure chemistry and discuss chemical topics of general interest 'outside the highly specialised industrial or technical sphere'. Subscription to the society cost seven shillings and sixpence per annum.

The Sydney University Chemical Society has expanded to encompass all aspects of pure and applied chemistry and related disciplines. Lecturers are invited from all walks of the chemical community to address the meetings, from Nobel Prize winning chemists to graduate students. The lecture topics cover all aspects of chemistry and related disciplines, and are aimed at a broad audience, from undergraduates to senior academics, as well as professional chemists in the public and private sectors.

Lectures are typically held on Wednesdays about once per month from February to November, from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm, with an informal mixer beginning at 5:00 pm.

To become a SUCS member, please follow this link: Subscription Form and register your interest. The subscription fee (free for Honours, $10 for PhD students, $30 for postdocs, academic members and other members) can be handed over to our treasurer, in one of the SUCS meetings.

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