The ChemPortal is the internal gateway to The School of Chemistry Research Facilities and Workshops. It is specifically designed for staff and students of the School of Chemistry who require information about, and access to the extensive range of specialist services offered within the School.

You can use the ChemPortal to gain access to individual Facility and Workshop websites in order to:

  • Make a resource booking, such as booking time on a mass spectrometer or IR spectrometer
  • Submit and track a sample for analysis by Facility analysis services
  • Submit and track a job request to the Mechanical Workshop
  • Order some laboratory consumables such as NMR solvents and tubes
  • Complete and keep track of your training records
  • View the latest information about Facility resources and upcoming training opportunities
  • Gain access to a wealth of resource materials and technical information to help with your research and studies

These pages aim to answer many of the common questions that new staff and students have about accessing the Facilities and Workshops. Also available are the contact details for all of the Professional and Technical Staff responsible for managing the Facilities and Workshops. The links to the left and below will redirect you to the individual intranet websites for the participating Facilities and Workshops. These sites can only be accessed from within the School of Chemistry Network.

The School of Chemistry Facilities and Workshops operate to complement all research and learning activities within the School, and we encourage any enquiries you may have regarding support for your ongoing projects.

Participating Facilities and Workshops


The following links are for internal access only, and accessible from within the University network. If you are accessing these links from your home computer you will need to access it via VPN.