Crystal Structure Analysis facility

The Crystal Structure Analysis Facility of The University of Sydney provides a single crystal X-ray diffraction structure determination and analysis service to both internal and external clients.

The facility is located on the first floor of the School of Chemistry - room 117 of building F11.


The CSAF is currently equipped with two state-of-the-art diffractometers:

1. A Bruker FR591 molybdenum (Mo) rotating anode generator with an X8 Kappa goniometer and an Apex II CCD detector. As of August 2011 the instrument is equipped with a Montel X-ray focusing optic, making it the most powerful single crystal Mo based instrument in Australia.

2. An Agilent SuperNova dual optic focussed micro-source copper and molybdenum X-ray system equipped with the large Atlas detector. In addition to providing intensity an order of magnitude creater than the Mo source, the Cu source facilitates absolute structure determinations for light atom structures. The Mo source allows higher resolution and reduces absorption effects.

Low temperature data collections between 100 and 500 Kelvin are routinely undertaken with Oxford Cryosystems Cyrostream 700plus liquid nitrogen low temperature data collection systems. Highly volatile samples are mounted at dry ice temperatures.

Facility charges

The facility operates on a subsidised cost recovery basis for Australian academic and government customers, and on a full cost recovery basis for others. The current charges are:

  • Academic or Government: A$150 for a 24 hour data collection.
  • Other organizations: the cost will depend on the nature of the service requested - contact facility staff

The charge applies regardless of the outcome and a 10% surcharge is applied to data sets collected at low temperatures. The charge assumes that the crystallographers name will appear on the author list of a consequential publication of the structure.

Alternatively a further A$300 is charged if the crystallographers name is not to appear on the publication author list. Crystal examinations that do not result in a full data set collection, either because the unit cell clearly indicates that the structure has been previously reported or because a unit cell could not be obtained, will cost A$ 50 an hour for Australian academic or government customers and A$ 150 an hour for others.

Please note that the charge also includes a 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST).


Dr Peter Turner
Staff Scientist
Crystal Structure Analysis Facility
School of Chemistry
The University of Sydney NSW 2006 Australia
Room 120/118
T +61 2 9351 4270
F +61 2 9351 3329