Nuclear magnetic resonance laboratory (NMR)

Welcome to the NMR Facility

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Facility is one of the research centres of the School of Chemistry at The University of Sydney. The primary role of the NMR Facility is to provide research support to School of Chemistry staff and students, however its services are available to anybody. The NMR Facility operates a number of modern high-field NMR Spectrometers, supported by a host of ancillary infrastructure. Staff of the NMR Facility provide a range of consulting services, technical assistance and training. Samples can be submitted to the NMR Facility Analysis Service for a range of NMR spectroscopic services.

We especially welcome interest from anyone outside the School of Chemistry wishing to learn more about our services.

Accessing our services

School of Chemistry NMR users should follow the link to nmrnet (internal access only) to obtain specific information about spectrometer training, licensing, bookings and ordering deuterated solvents and tubes. A range of technical documentation and assistance is available at this local site in the form of discussion forums and instruction guides.

Visitors accessing this website from outside the School of Chemistry are likely to have markedly different requirements and varying levels of understanding about NMR spectroscopy. Please follow the links below to get more information about the most common points of interest, however if you require further information or wish to discuss your specific needs, you should contact NMR Staff.