Pricing schedule

Overview of facility charges

Costs for services provided by the NMR Facility operate on a three-tiered cost recovery basis, covering external (non-University of Sydney), University of Sydney and School of Chemistry users. All services are charged at an hourly rate, and additional costs may be incurred for solvents and tubes.

School of Chemistry users (internal) are charged on a cost-recovery basis according to spectrometer usage and reservation logs, with solvents and tubes supplied at cost. Additional information regarding internal rates for School of Chemistry NMR users can be found on the internal website, nmrnet, or by contacting .

The following table shows the current price structure for Non-School of Chemistry users.

External (non-University of Sydney)
Analysis Service (Routine Analysis) $150 per hour
Additional Processing (no data collection) $100 per hour
Methods Development / Advanced methods contact for quote
Consultation and Educational Services $150 per hour
External (non-University of Sydney)
Analysis Service (Routine Analysis) $50 per hour
Spectrometer use by licensed users $10 per hour
Training and licensing for spectrometer use $250 per person

The price for routine analysis includes: sample handling and dissolution in a standard solvent (See below for more information), preparation of sample in a 5mm tube suitable for 400MHz analysis, data collection on a 400MHz NMR spectrometer, optimized data processing and report preparation. Results are supplied as an electronic PDF document, with original NMR data files supplied in zipped format if requested. Additional software may be required by the customer for processing of original NMR data. Arrangements can be made to supply the report as a FAX or hardcopy, if required.

Provision of solvents and tubes

The costs of NMR tubes and most deuterated solvents are incorporated into the pricing of samples submitted to the NMR Analysis Service. However, a number of solvents are subject to an additional cost per sample, and these are shown below. Information about solvents not listed here is available by contacting .

Solvent Cost
CDCl3, CD3OD, Acetone-d6, DMSO-d6, water-d2, Acetonitrile-d3 Included in base rate
High level deuterated solvents ("100%-d") $40 per sample
DMF-d7, THF-d8 $50 per sample

Sample recovery and return

At the end of data collection, samples are stored for 30 days and then discarded. If requested, arrangements can be made to recover and return the sample to the customer for an additional fee.