1. Emergency Contacts

In case of emergency

University Security Service (from on-campus) x13333 or x13487
University Security Service (from off-campus) 9351 3333
Police Dial 0 (to obtain a line) then 000
Police (Newtown) 9550 8199
Fire Brigade (Newtown) 9557 5260
Fire Brigade (Glebe) 9660 7156
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital 9515 6111
Poisons Information Centre 13 11 26
Campus Infrastructure Services (CIS) Desk x17838
Safety, Health and Wellbeing (SHW) Office x15555
University Health Service x13484

School Safety Officer and Chief Warden (F11)

Contact person
Ms Gemma Thompson Room 242 9351 4422 Ms Gemma Thompson

Chief Warden (F09)


Dr Nicholas Proschogo

Madsen Building, F09

Room 225
9036 6495  Dr Nicholas Proschogo

Floor Safety Officers

Levels 1 and 2

Dr Peter Turner

Room 201A

T:  9351 4270

Dr Peter Turner
Level 3

A/Prof Ron Clarke

Room 311

T:  9351 4406

A/Prof Ron Clarke
Level 4

Dr Alex Yuen

Room 419

T:  9351 3121

Dr Alex Yuen

Level 5

and Carcinogens

Dr Shane Wilkinson

Room 508

T:  9351 3951

Dr Shane Wilkinson
Madsen Building

Dr Girish Lakhwani

Room 358 (F11)

T:  9351 5783

A/Prof Ron Clarke

School First Aid Officers


Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm there will be at least one of the following School First Aid Officers in the building to assist in any first aid requirements.  They manage a number of first aid kits located in both the service rooms and unlocked areas in the building.

The unlocked locations managed by these officers are:

  • Level 1 (staff room 147)
  • Level 2 (outside the Separations Facility, room 205)
  • Level 3 (Lab 323 (currently used for High School Workshops, and opposite the north lift)
  • Level 4 (opposite the north lift)
  • Level 5 (Cornforth lab at eastern end plus opposite the north lift)
Mr Eric De Courcey Chemistry Store
(Level 1)
 9351 2739 Mr Eric De Courcey
Ms Marjan Ashna First Year Service Room
(Level 2)
 9351 2735  Ms Marjan Ashna
Dr Ellen Braybon Third Year Service Room
(Level 4)
 9351 2741  Dr Ellen Braybon
Ms Natalia Kislova Third Year Service Room
(Level 4)
 9351 2741  Ms Natalia Kislova

Mr Carlo Piscicelli

Health and Safety

Second Year Service Room
(Level 5)
 9351 2746  Mr Carlo Piscicelli