Safety information


Safety in the School, as in any workplace, is a matter of common sense and good organisation. It is the responsibility of all individuals to ensure they work safely. Both State and Federal legislation cover laboratory safety, and The University of Sydney is obliged to comply with such regulations. The following procedures and guidelines have not been written from a legal point of view and are not intended to be a comprehensive compilation of safety practices and techniques, but rather as a general guide designed to assist you to meet your obligations in providing workplace safety, and in the event of an emergency. Failure to observe these procedures will lead to the School not complying with legislation, and repeated offenders will be disciplined.

The laboratories of the School of Chemistry can be divided into two classes, undergraduate laboratories (first to third year) and research laboratories. For safety purposes, fourth year students are treated as research students.

Specific regulations covering the undergraduate laboratories are available in the undergraduate laboratory manuals.

This School Safety Handbook outlines the regulations relevant to all personnel, from those with no laboratory contact through to research laboratory workers.

The University has a statutory obligation to provide a safe working environment. Safety in the workplace is a cooperative venture, and staff and students have obligations to contribute towards and maintain safety.