28 November 2017

Amandeep Kaur

Dr Amandeep Kaur

Congratulations to Dr Amandeep Kaur who has been awarded the prestigious RACI's Cornforth Medal for 2017 for the most outstanding PhD thesis in chemistry.

Amandeep commenced her candidature under the supervision of Dr Liz New in 2013 and graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in 2016. Amandeep’s project was focussed on fluorescent tools to study oxidative stress, which is the build-up of damaging free radicals in the body that is implicated in many diseases including cancer, diabetes and neurodegeneration. Amandeep worked on the development of four novel fluorescent sensors, two of which are now sold by Stressmarq, a Canadian bioreagents company. Amandeep’s PhD work led to 9 research articles and 1 book chapter, and she made 4 oral and 5 poster presentations at conferences on her project.

Amandeep was supported by a University of Sydney World Scholars Award (2013-5) and the John A. Lamberton Research Scholarship (2015). Her PhD thesis was also selected for a Springer Thesis Prize. Amandeep is now carrying out postdoctoral research at the University of New South Wales at the Single Molecule Science initiative.

Last year’s Cornforth Medal was also won by a student from the University of Sydney, Dr Carol Hua, which is a remarkable achievement for the School.