28 November 2017

Deanna D

A/Prof Deanna D'Alessandro

Congratulations to A/Prof Deanna D'Alessandro who was awarded the 2017 Le Fèvre Memorial Prize by the Australian Academy of Science in recognition of outstanding research in chemistry by an early career scientist. Deanna received her award at the RACI National Awards Event on 27 November 2017.

Deanna's research is delivering new insights into an exciting area in nanoporous molecular materials, namely, their electronic and conducting properties. These fundamental advances have enormous potential as the basis of new technologies for a diverse range of applications including electrocatalysis, sensing and solar energy conversion. In addition to her work in the area of theoretical and experimental aspects of electron transfer, for which she has gained international recognition, she has played a major role in the development of new nanoporous materials for the capture and conversion of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide. A common theme of her research has been a desire to tackle significant scientific challenges by probing fundamental chemical questions.