7 June 2017

Associate Professor Deanna D

A/Prof Deanna D'Alessandro

Congratulations to A/Prof Deanna D’Alessandro, who has been awarded an ARC Future Fellowship. The Future Fellowships scheme encourages research in areas of national priority, with preference given to researchers who can demonstrate a capacity to build collaboration across industry, with other research institutions and with other disciplines. We were delighted that Deanna's research excellence has been recognised by the ARC.

Deanna's research looks at the development of electroactive nanoporous solids which is highly sought as their properties underpin the next generation of technologically and industrially useful devices.

Using a combined experimental, theoretical and computational approach this project expects to provide new insights of relevance to understanding biological photosynthetic systems and porous semiconductors. An expected benefit will be the development of devices for applications in energy storage and conversion, including electrochromic devices, electrocatalysts and battery materials. Funding total: $860,000.