15 December 2017

Liz Carter

Dr Liz Carter

Congratulations to Dr Liz Carter who shared the Leading Edge Shine Award presented at the DVR end-of-year party for innovation within the research portfolio of the University of Sydney in her position as Facility Manager of the Vibrational Spectroscopy Core Facility (VSCF). This is due recognition for the outstanding level of innovative research service Liz has provided to the University in contributing to the research excellence within the University and for many external users.

Liz also has an honorary appointment in Chemistry and all of her grants (two current Discovery and one Linkage Project) and publications go into Chemistry’s performance indicators. This is award recognizes both her outstanding innovations to the broad University research excellence, as well as specific contributions to the research performance of Chemistry.

We are very fortunate to have the calibre of colleagues within the VSCF as Liz and this was a big factor in the evolution of Sydney Analytical, as we transition into a larger research facility.