June 2018

Dr Hamid Arandiyan

Dr Hamid Arandiyan

In recognition of outstanding work in the early stages of his scientific career, Dr Hamid Arandiyan, a Senior Research Fellow at School of Chemistry at the University of Sydney, has been named an Emerging Investigator 2018 by the ChemComm.

This annual special issue showcases research carried out by internationally recognised, up-and-coming scientists in the early stages of their independent careers, and who are making outstanding contributions to their respective fields. Each contributor was recommended as carrying out work with the potential to influence future directions in science or result in new and exciting developments.

“I am honored to be selected as an Emerging Investigator 2018 by the ChemComm among the many deserving young researchers who have greatly contributed to nanomaterials and catalytic science.”

Hamid Arandiyan received his B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering Department (2003) and M.Sc. in chemical engineering (2007) from the Iran University of Science and Technology. He has been invited to undertake research at the Zeolite Research Group (2007) in the laboratories of Professor H. Kazemian where he was a Research Assistant in the Science and Technology Park of Tehran University. He was a Lecturer in the School of Chemical Engineering at the Azad University of Tehran 2009. He awarded his Ph.D. in 2014 from the School of Environment at Tsinghua University, working under the supervision of Professor Junhua Li. Afterward, he worked in the laboratory of Professor Hongxing Dai as part of the Catalysis Chemistry and Nanoscience group at Beijing University of Technology, during his PhD program. In July 2014, just before completing his PhD at Tsinghua University, he was offered a full-time Research Associate position in the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) under the supervision of Scientia Prof Rose Amal. He was awarded (2015) a UNSW Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellowship that has enabled him to conduct full-time research for three-years. He was appointed Senior Research Fellow in the School of Chemistry at The University of Sydney under the supervision of Professor Thomas Maschmeyer in 2018.


In addition, Hamid was recently awarded the 2018 Young Researcher Award by the Global Green Chemistry Centres G2C2. The G2C2 network was born out of the need to promote communication between the many green chemistry centres scattered around the world. Hamid will present a lecture about his research entitled “Single atom catalysts for a green chemistry: Sustainable conversion of CO2” as part of the next G2C2 symposium.