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Congratulations to everyone who has received funding for 2015.  Read more.

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Professor Richard Payne has been awarded the 2014 Edgeworth David Medal by the Royal Society of NSW. He will receive the medal during 2015.  Read more.
Dr Asaph Widmer-Cooper has been awarded an ARC Future Fellowship to characterise the interactions between colloidal nanorods and their self-assembly in the presence of interfaces and directional interactions. While nanoparticles can currently be made in a staggering array of shapes, patterns and materials, organising such objects into extended structures that could revolutionise technology remains a challenge. The goal of the project is a robust strategy for making monolayer films of rods aligned perpendicular to a variety of interfaces for the fabrication of solar cells, microfiltration membranes and biosensors.
Congratulations to Richard Payne and Adam Bridgeman who have both been promoted to Professor.  Further congratulations to Chiara Neto who has been promoted to Associate Professor. Well done!