sample submission information


The Mass Spectrometry Unit provides analytical services for organic compounds, biochemical compounds and organo-metallic compounds. To submit a sample, please fill out the Sample Submission Form (pdf version) and send it with the sample to Mass Spectrometry Unit, Room 225, Madsen Building, F09 The University of Sydney, NSW, 2006 by mail or by person.

To obtain a mass spectrum, the sample must first be ionized. The  ionization techniques available in the Unit are EI, CI, MALDI, ESI and APCI at present. Each technique has its own advantages and limitations. Please consult the staff in the unit if you cannot decide which of the techniques would be suitable for your sample.

Samples should be submitted in a sample screw-cap vial labelled with a sample identification code. About 0.1 mg to 1 mg of solid or liquid samples is required. For normal EI or CI MS, solvent free and pure samples are preferred because solvents or impurities may suppress the peaks of interests and complicate the structure analysis. For MALDI, ESI, APCI, GC/MS or LC/MS, please specify solvent. For samples requiring GC/MS analysis, a GC trace and the column conditions should be provided, if possible.

For users from the School of Chemistry (internal users), the Sample Submission Form must be signed by a financially responsible person and the account number should be included. A University Service Requisition Form should also be attached for Sydney University users outside the school. A official order form must accompany the request for users outside the University. For the information about the costs of the services,  please see the Analysis Costs or talk to the staff of the unit.