Members of the School are active across all the traditional and emerging areas of modern chemical research. They are clustered around three multidisciplinary Sections as follows. Detailed information concerning the research interests and expertise of individual staff can be found here.

Functional energy materials

Multidisciplinary research topics in this Section include:
  • Molecular/ionic transport through solids
  • Large-scale energy storage and conversion
  • Batteries, fuel cells, selective molecular storage/separation/remediation
  • Metal-organic frameworks, ionic solids, polymers, ionic liquids
Chair Professor Cameron Kepert
Members Associate Professor Deanna D'Alessandro
  Associate Professor Meredith Jordan
  Dr Ivan Kassal
  Professor Brendan Kennedy
  Professor Chris Ling
  Professor Thomas Maschmeyer
  Associate Professor Tony Masters
  Dr David Scarborough
  Associate Professor Siggi Schmid



Self-assembled nanomaterials

Multidisciplinary research topics in this Section include:
  • Nanoscale interactions in materials and interfaces
  • “Smart” energy-efficient materials
  • Molecular assembly in complex fluids and at interfaces
  • Nanostructured functional surfaces, polymer nanoparticles and nano-systems
Chair Professor Greg Warr
Members Professor Max Crossley
  Professor Phil Gale
  Associate Professor Brian Hawkett
  Dr Toby Hudson
  Dr Girish Lakhwani
  Dr Markus Muellner
  Associate Professor Chiara Neto
  Dr Asaph Widmer-Cooper



Molecular innovations in health

Multidisciplinary research topics in this Section include:
  • Chemical signalling, neurotransmission
  • Ageing, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases
  • Diagnostics and therapeutics (“theranostics”)
  • Drug design/discovery, biosensing/imaging, drug delivery
Chair Professor Michael Kassiou
Members Dr Rob Baker
  Associate Professor Ron Clarke
  Dr Adrian George
  Professor Kate Jolliffe
  Dr Yu Heng Lau
  Professor Peter Lay
  Associate Professor Chris McErlean
  Associate Professor Liz New
  Professor Richard Payne
  Professor Lou Rendina
  Associate Professor Peter Rutledge
  Associate Professor Mat Todd
  Dr Shelley Wickham
  Dr Alice Williamson