facility charges


The facility operates on a subsidised cost recovery basis for Australian academic and government clients, and on a full cost recovery basis for others. The PPMS is charged by the full day or part thereof. Charges listed below include the professional officer's time for calibration, training, data conversion and transmission. Extra P.O.'s time for services such as running your samples, filling nitrogen dewars etc. will be charged at $40ph for University of Sydney users and $100ph for external clients.

User category
daily fee
(10am - 10am)

Chemistry School, University of Sydney



Other University of Sydney users


$15 /hr
$90 /day

LIEF partners:   ANSTO, UNSW

$225 + GST


External clients

$450 + GST

$30 /hr

A relatively small extra charge, our cost price, may need to be applied for clients who use substantial quantities of consumables (e.g. PPMS sample tubes are $11 each, DSC pans are $4 each).

All charges apply regardless of the "success" of the experiment.


TA Instruments: TGA and DSC with LN2 accessory